What does the Ombudsman do with complaints?

The complaints submitted to DO play an important role in the work for equal rights and opportunities, and may lead to different types of measures and actions on our part. By submitting a complaint to DO you contribute to our work, which aims to create change for many.

The complaints that DO receives are a valuable source of knowledge about what is perceived as discrimination and how discrimination can manifest itself in Swedish society.

Complaints contribute to information, the spread of knowledge and impact

The complaints that DO receives contribute to highlighting what may limit individuals' access to equal rights and opportunities Together with other sources of knowledge, complaints constitute a knowledge base which is essential to DO's work in promoting equal rights and opportunities and combating discrimination in society. By analysing complaints we obtain an source of knowledge that helps us to identify specific problem areas.

Complaints thus contribute to DO's work in promoting change and making decision-makers aware of problems related to discrimination. Among other things, we do this by producing reports, initiating research, proposing legislative amendments to the government, or by implementing concrete measures in conjunction with other authorities. Together with other sources of knowledge, complaints are also a basis for DO's work in developing trainings, and tools that provide support to the equality promotion work of various actors.

Complaints can lead to DO carrying out supervisory measures

A complaint can also lead to DO initiating a supervisory measure. Once a complaint is submitted DO can contact an employer or an education provider, to request information to enable DO to assess whether the party in fact violated or risks violating the Discrimination Act. Such a supervisory measure may also concern the issue of whether an employer has violated the Parental Leave Act by disadvantaging a person in connection with parental leave.

DO also takes a limited number of complaints to court each year as part of the supervisory function. One of our objectives in pursuing individual cases in a court of law is to help establish case-law which leads to positive effects for many people.

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