Act concerning the Equality Ombudsman


Section 1

The Equality Ombudsman has the duties described in the Discrimination Act (2008:567).

In addition, the Ombudsman shall work to ensure that discrimination associated with sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age does not occur in any areas of the life of society.

The Ombudsman shall also work in other respects to promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Section 2

The Equality Ombudsman shall provide advice and other support so as to help enable anyone who has been subjected to discrimination to claim their rights.

Section 3

Further, within her or his sphere of activities, the Equality Ombudsman shall

  • inform, educate, discuss and have other contacts with government agencies, enterprises, individuals and organisations,
  • follow international developments and have contacts with international organisations,
  • follow research and development work,
  • propose legislative amendments or other anti-discrimination measures to the Government, and
  • initiate other appropriate measures.
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