Vi arbetar för ett samhälle
fritt från diskriminering.

The state of discrimination 2023

How common is it to be discriminated in Sweden? In which situations are individuals being discriminated?

  • The first report from the Equality Ombudsman which provides an overall view of discrimination in Sweden
  • Describes how widespread discrimination is and how and where it occurs
  • Provides a fact-based knowledge base that can be used in work to combat discrimination

Annual report from the Equality Ombudsman

This report provides an overview of the occurrence of discrimination in Sweden, how widespread discrimination is and how it is manifested.

The report shows that there are great risks of discrimination in working life and in school.

The report is based on knowledge about the occurrence of discrimination from several sources. For example, complaints to DO, research, dialogue with civil society and surveys by other actors.

This publication was revised on June 2, 2023, because of an error in the original version.


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Diskrimineringsombudsmannen Equality Ombudsman
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2 June 2023
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