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Justified pay difference or related to gender?

A summary of an analysis of employers’ work against unjustified differences in pay between women and men.

  • Analysis of how employers work against unjustified gender-based pay differences.
  • Provides an insight into how employers approach the requirements in the Discrimination Act.
  • Accounts for how employers have interpreted their
    responsibilities as set out in the Act.

The aim of this report is to provide an insight into how employers approach the requirements in the Discrimination Act to discover, rectify and prevent unjustified pay differences between women and men who perform work that is equal or of equal value.

This insight is vital to be able to develop the necessary support with a view to strengthen the work in counteracting an unjustified gender pay gap, as stipulated by law. The report presents a qualitative analysis of documents on this matter produced by a selection of employers. The selection comprises all 21 Swedish County Councils and Regions and 94 private and medium-sized establishments from different industries.

The main conclusion is that actions by employers vary considerably and that in certain contexts, broad variation creates different prerequisites for employers to discover, remedy and prevent unjustified gender-related pay differences. The report also highlights employers' analyses of pay differences between women and men in equal work and work of equal value and show that there are both similarities and differences in what employers believe to be objective explanations for these pay differences.

The complete report, titled "Sakligt motiverad eller koppling till kön? En analys av arbetsgivares arbete med att motverka osakliga löneskillnader mellan kvinnor och män", is however only available in Swedish.


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